​  Constance Marie​​​​​​
About me
There's only so much a soul can experience before the need to express itself emerges. Whether that need of expression is performed through the actual creation, or the showing of art in one's space, it's a universal need. We all are creators of the highest order. And it shows in the varied artistic expressions all around us. 

My love of design and color led me to working for a degree in the science of applied interior design later in my life. While working on that degree, I came to realize that I had let my artistic expressions remain relatively unexplored for most of my life. Although I had always enjoyed taking paint to canvas here and there, I'd never seriously considered making art an expression to my life to any large degree. Once I graduated, though, I knew that the revived love of color and design needed an outlet. Since that time I've been blessed to enjoy the last four years in a studio apartment in an historic part of Tulsa on Riverside Drive.The daily views are such an inspiration to me. And with that constant inspiration, I am creating a quality of art that I hope others will want to own for their homes.
 ​"It is the artist who realizes that there is a supreme force above him and works gladly away as  
           an apprentice under God's heaven."   - ​Alexander Solzhenitsyn