Art by Constance Marie
Art Expressions in Acrylics, Watercolors,
Colored Pencils, Pen
  1. Cathedral Streams
    Cathedral Streams
  2. Louvre Birds
    Louvre Birds
  3. Cherry Blossom Morning
    Cherry Blossom Morning
  4. Dragonfly Skies
    Dragonfly Skies
  5. King Green
    King Green
  6. After the Storm
    After the Storm
  7. Nebula
  8. Intuition Blossoms
    Intuition Blossoms
  9. Botanical Combustion
    Botanical Combustion
  10. Bovine Dreams
    Bovine Dreams
  11. Wild Spring
    Wild Spring
  12. Fire Walkers
    Fire Walkers
  13. Tulips
  14. All Roads Back to Tulsa
    All Roads Back to Tulsa
  15. Birthday Girl
    Birthday Girl
  16. Intuit Summits
    Intuit Summits
  17. Intuit Mists
    Intuit Mists
  18. Ahuasca
  19. Violet Flights
    Violet Flights
  20. Sun Tree
    Sun Tree
  21. Olympia Scene
    Olympia Scene
My name is Constance Marie
I adore color, pattern, texture, and light, and my intention in creating artwork of any kind is to captivate the soul's imagination with those elements. As my intuition guides me in my exploration of the canvas, I find the painting essentially "creates" itself.
Creating intuitively invites the viewer to view intuitively.
The end result? The painting belongs to the viewer. It is his own soul's view of the world.
 ​"What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit." - John Updike